Open Innovation

Open Innovation

L&E understands solving the world’s toughest problems through advanced manufacturing techniques and processes requires collaboration. By crowdsourcing innovation—both internally and externally—L&E is improving customer value and driving advancements across industries. By sourcing and supporting innovative ideas, wherever they might come from, and applying L&E’s scale and expertise, L&E’s approach to open innovation is helping to address customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

Open Innovation Manifesto

We believe openness leads to inventiveness and usefulness.

We also believe that it’s impossible for any organization to have all the best ideas, and we strive to collaborate with experts and entrepreneurs everywhere who share our passion to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

We’re initiating a fundamental shift in the way we do business – this is what we’ll stand for in our open collaboration efforts and how we will operate.

  • Customer focus, imagination, courage, expertise, inclusiveness, and clear thinking will always guide our collaborative effort.
  • We will openly celebrate the efforts of lead solvers who have submitted winning solutions within our public collaborations.
  • We’ll collaborate with transparency – publishing evaluation criteria, rules, compensation and IP rights at the launch of our engagements.
  • We believe ideas should be compensated – and compensation pools will always reflect level of impact, effort, commercialization risk and IP rights.
  • We’ll provide access to pools of IP to enable the Global Brain to create new and beneficial outcomes.
  • We’ll never stop experimenting, collaborating and learning – we’ll get smarter as we go, and the Global Brain will evolve and grow with us.