Logistics & Energy leading the way in Pharma transport

Recently L&E has taken the charge in ensuring the pharma industry gets excellent end to end services. We were involved in the recent African Pharma summit and have been a key player in ensuring that logistics industry in Africa continues to move in the right direction supporting the key sectors like cold chain transport, dry goods and industrial commodities. With a 30min delivery time in main cities and less than 8hours across the nation we are well in position of being a leader and go to company for transportation services.

Logistics Excellence. The game changer….

The Transportation Dilemma: Speed, Cost, or Quality

Which Will You Sacrifice?

Logistics & Energy Africa LTD, you can achieve all three. We understand your daily transportation frustrations. You’re trying to balance customer requirements with cost and stay on top of your shipments, all while dealing with the usual carrier and customs issues and a chaotic month-end.

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Increased Transportation Costs
  • Lack of Cost Transparency
  • Lack of Network Visibility
  • Lack of Data/Metrics
  • Late (Or Early) Truck Delivery
  • Low Performing Carriers Causing Quality and Service Issues


Logistics brings process and discipline to transportation management. Partnering with L&E, shippers of all types and sizes can benefit from transportation network stability and visibility, service quality,  and overall cost reduction. Effectively utilizing a vast database of partner carriers and proprietary technologies, L&E balances cost and service to build a customized transportation strategy based on what is best for each customer.

As an asset based transportation provider managing inbound, outbound, and internal transportation, L&E focuses on core carrier programs, leveled flow of transportation requirements, and overall transportation network design.

Changing the Game in Transportation and Supplier Management

Changing the Game in Transportation and Supplier Management

We have a mature transportation team with multi-industry experience and proven capabilities. In L&Es Control Center, customer account team members possess:We manage transportation with a value stream perspective, collaborating across functions and firms to consistently deliver value and responsiveness to the plant and its customer’s needs. We first work to understand your needs and requirements and then work strategically to put into place solutions that will work successfully for you and your enterprise.  We take care of it as if it were our own network.

  • Process focus and commitment to continuous improvement – critical to moving forward
  • Ability to see a problem as an indicator to improve a process –work on solving problems
  • Skill-set required to solve complex problems – provide immediate containment
  • Capability to develop and implement a sustainable solution – see it through to success
  • Strong communication and project management skills – keep you updated on progress

These characteristics and our commitment to the development of our team members differentiate us significantly.  Our people will drive improved service, lower costs and improve quality and delivery performance for our customers.