Welcome to L&E Careers

The first thing you notice when you enter our L&E headquarters in Nairobi are brightly lit-faces of passionate and self-driven teamplayers.Our teams are smart and performance oriented.We believe in ideas and people who refuse take a 'NO' for an answer.

If you believe that you are smart,performance driven,ambitious,and cannot take a 'NO' for an answer then we are looking for you!!

Together We Achieve More

We believe in teamwork and this has been the backbone of L&E
You can do what we can`t do and we can do do what you can`t do,But together we can do greater.
If you believe that you are a great team-player,then we are looking for you!!


At L&E,we treasure ideas.Sometimes your ideas may be rejected.But it goes way far than that.We treasure ideas that are persistent even after rejection,people who will refuse just a 'NO' for an answer.If you think you ideas are awesome,join us lets build up Africa`s biggest Logistics firm


L&E is comprised of many employees from all walks of life.Our code of conduct states that anyone regardless his or her age,gender,political affiliation or color can be employed and treated equally as the rest